Turbo Economiser for Dust Collector System E2T

Economiser for controlling the pneumatic cleaning of industrial dust collector systems. Differential pressure digital control through internal transducer, which allows the accurate analysis of the filter clogging status. It has 2 output relay contacts and 2 digital input contacts. Large 3-digit display, which allows you to read the filter clogging status, active solenoid valves, and alarms (if any).

The filter clogging status can be monitored continuously from the difference by reading the pressure difference. 4 operating modes: manual (sequencer), automatic (the cleaning of the filter starts and ends upon reaching settable dP values), automatic with forced cycle, proportional.

The economiser allows the cleaning option with the fan off and the pre-coating function. The system detects that the fan is off, when the pressure drops below a settable threshold, or an external contact. The input and output voltage can be selected via jumper. The pressure is measured in kPa. The economiser has an output for remote pressure reading. It also has an operation meter for maintenance purposes.

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